Behaviour Consultations 

As well as general obedience, we also offer specific consultations to help with dogs who may be displaying more complex behavourial issues and need extra time and attention.

Using our understanding of the way your dog learns from and deals with the world around him, we can start to build a specific training programme to help overcome issues such as:

  • Reactivity to things such as strangers, other dogs, traffic, car rides etc.
  • We can also help with any issues that may have manifested due to your dog or puppies lack of socialisation (a particularly common issue following Covid lockdowns).
  • Resource guarding (either people, objects or food)
  • And also aggression which may stem from a variety of different factors.


These issues can take time and patience but there are programmes we can put in place to help your dog become more comfortable in its surroundings and begin to enjoy life with you more.

We will tailor a specific programme for you and your dog to work through and each session will be followed by a full written report so that you can practice techniques between sessions.

We also offer the option of a 15 minute courtesy telephone conversation prior any bookings so that we can learn more about your dog and objectives.

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