Online Dog School

From 30th January, we will begin our new Dog School Online Classes starting with a programme especially designed for puppies. The class for slightly older dogs will begin on Sunday 1st February.

We work with you to teach your dog all the essential behaviours in your own home including attention, sit, stand, down, settle, loose lead walking, drop, leave it, wait and stay using video conferencing, recorded videos and online guides.

Our training will also tackle all the classic problem behaviours that drive dog owners to frustration.  These include chewing and destruction, jumping up, pulling on the lead, house training, door dashing, barking, digging up the garden and separation anxiety.

You will be free to ask questions on any particular issues you have during these classes as well as having the opportunity to chat to other dog owners.

The classes will be 50 minutes each week (Saturdays for puppies or Sundays for older dogs at 4pm) and run for 5 weeks on a Pay as You Go basis.

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