Foundation Skills

This is a 5 week group class which we hold at the Community Centre in Hesketh Bank on Tuesday evenings at 7pm.

The class is specifically designed for young dogs and puppies that may be wither new to training or just need a refresher in foundation skills such as recall, lead walking, focus, confidence and lots more.

Using positive reinforcement, we help your dog understand that being calm and polite when around others means that they can interact safely.

Areas covered include:

  • Why positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your dog
  • Diet and the use of treats, toys and play
  • What socialisation really means
  • The basic cues including sit, stay, lie down – and why these are important
  • How to begin loose lead walking
  • Working with the right harness, flat collar and the use of long lines
  • An introduction to a reliable recall
  • The differences between Drop and Leave it
  • Mental enrichment
  • An introduction to Settle training
  • Focus & Engagement

We also provide handouts covering key areas and access to our demonstration videos.

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