Life Skills & Advanced Skills Classes

We offer several levels of Life Skills and Advanced Skills Dog Training classes at our indoor venue in Leyland and our outdoor venue in Mawdesley.

These classes are specifically designed for dogs aged between 6 months and 2 years. Whether your dog has graduated from puppy lessons or is just beginning their training, they can learn the skills and good dogggie manners needed at this stage of their life.

In 5 weekly classes we teach you and your dog essential techniques and behaviours. We also cover the common problems owners face. Ensuring your dogs are model doggy citizens with the best manners. Using positive reinforcement, and modern reward based training, we help your dog understand that being calm and polite when around others is a part of life. Key skills taught each week include attention (on the owner), how to calm a hyper dog, loose lead walking without pulling on the lead, come when called, stay and wait.

Our Advanced Skills are designed as the next level of training and include advanced obedience, dog sports and an introduction to free work or scentwork. These again run for 5 consecutive weeks.

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