Life Skills 

We offer several levels of Life Skills Dog Training classes at our indoor venue in Leyland on Thursday evenings and on Saturday mornings at our outdoor venue – Mawdesley Pooch Park

These classes are specifically designed for adult dogs. Whether your dog has graduated from puppy lessons or is just beginning their training, they can learn the skills and good doggy manners needed at this stage of their life.

We start at Harrison’s Bronze and work through to Harrison’s Silver and finally Harrison’s Gold so that you and your dog have measurable goals to work towards each week. You can join at any level depending on your dog’s experience. As you complete each level, you will receive a certificate of completion confirming your dog’s learning success!

The classes are 50 minutes long and each level runs for 5 weeks. We cover the common problems owners face, ensuring your dogs can become model doggy citizens with the best manners. Using positive reinforcement and modern reward based training, we help your dog understand that being calm and polite when around others is a part of life. Areas covered include:

  • Attention and focus on you
  • The importance of calmness around distractions
  • Socialisation and what it really means
  • Loose lead walking
  • Street or road walking
  • Rocket recall
  • Stay and Wait commands
  • Reliable Leave It
  • The importance of the Drop command
  • Impulse control & Boundary Games
  • Stop training and why it is so important
  • Go to Bed Training
  • Settle Training
  • An introduction to Scent work and Free work
  • Co-operative Care (including training to help with vet and grooming)


We also provide handouts covering each distinct area and access to our demonstration videos, so that you don’t have to remember everything at once!

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