Puppy Classes

We offer indoor Puppy Classes at Leyland Orthodox Church Hall, Leyland Lane, Leyland. These will run on Thursday evenings.

We also run classes at our Outdoor venue Mawdesley Pooch Park on Saturday mornings

These classes will give you the opportunity for you to meet with other new puppy parents so that together you can learn the skills you need to help your new puppy enjoy their new life.

We will explain how to puppy proof your home and help them settle in. Ensure you have the key pieces of equipment you will need and tackle the most demanding puppy problems.

In 5 weekly classes we teach you and your new puppy essential skills. We also cover the needs of your puppy and the problems owners face. For example house training problems, chewing and puppy nipping, address diet, enrichment, and more to ensure they grow up to be model doggy citizens with the best manners.

Using positive reinforcement, we help your dog understand that being calm and polite when around others means that they can interact safely.

Areas covered include:

  • Why positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your puppy
  • Puppy developmental stages
  • Diet and the use of treats, toys and play
  • Engagement with your new puppy
  • What socialisation really means
  • How to tackle mouthing and biting and the reasons your puppy may do this
  • Why your puppy jumps up and how to prevent it
  • The basic cues including sit, stay, lie down – and why these are important
  • How to begin loose lead walking
  • Working with the right harness and the use of long lines
  • An introduction to a reliable recall
  • The differences between Drop and Leave it
  • Mental enrichment
  • An introduction to Settle training
  • Preparing for vet inspections and grooming
  • Interacting with young children in the home
  • Being aware of any breed specific traits or behaviours

On graduation from Puppy Class, your puppy will receive a graduation certificate and rosette in recognition of all their hard work!

We also provide handouts covering key areas and access to our demonstration videos.

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