1-2-1 Private Lessons & Half Day Training

Bespoke, one to one training, using kind and effective training methods.  My approach uses positive reinforcement to make lifelong changes in your dog’s behaviour.

121 sessions can be tailored precisely to your needs and objectives. The venue depends on the problems you are facing, they can be arranged in a local park, secure field or your garden/home. My knowledge of the latest positive, reward based, training techniques and understanding the science of dog behaviour analysis enables me to tackle even challenging issues.

121 training can be particularly beneficial in training methods to help with issues such as recall, walking on a lead, careful socialisation and reactivity (sensitivity around strangers and other dogs). These lessons also cover how to enrich your dog’s life and are available for puppies through to senior dogs.

We can teach all the skills necessary to help your dog overcome problem behaviours and these can then be practised at home.

Areas covered include:

Adult Dogs:

  • Working on your dog’s confidence
  • Impulse Control
  • Teaching them calmness around distractions
  • Engagement with your dog
  • Overcoming excitement
  • Reliable Recall
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Teaching good doggy manners around new people and other dogs
  • Settle and Go to Bed Training
  • Mental enrichment
  • Stay and Wait commands
  • Reliable Leave It
  • Diet and rewards


  • Puppy developmental stages
  • Building confidence and the importance of rest
  • Diet and the best use of treats, toys and play
  • Engagement with your new puppy
  • Resolve mouthing and nipping
  • Management and Training to prevent jumping up – and understanding why they do this
  • Crate and toilet training
  • Socialisation and what it actually means to your dog
  • Preparing for vet and grooming visits
  • The fundamental cues including sit, stay, lie down – and why these are important
  • How to begin loose lead walking
  • Working with the right harness and the use of long lines
  • An introduction to a reliable recall
  • The differences between Drop and Leave it
  • Gentle mouth touch
  • Ways to teach mental enrichment
  • An introduction to Settle training
  • Preparing for vet inspections and grooming visits
  • Interacting with young children in the home
  • Being aware of any breed specific traits or behaviours

Each one to one session will be followed by a full written report covering all of the areas you worked on as well as access to online demonstration videos.

Half Day Training Sessions

We also offer a half day training service where we can train your dog for you. If you find it difficult to find the time to attend training classes but want some professional advice and training for your dog, I can provide this for you. I will work one on one with your dog over a 3 hour period. Any more than this would become tiring for your dog which is why we limit the sessions to 3 hours.

The sessions begin with a consultation with you so that I can meet your dog, talk to you about the specific areas you want me to focus on and then draw up a tailored training programme.

Each session will be followed by a full written report covering all of the areas worked on as well as access to online demonstration videos

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